6 Best Antibacterial Spray for Dogs (To Keep Infections Away)

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Dogs are known for their playful nature, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be kept clean. It’s important to keep your dog’s coat clean and free of any dirt or bacteria that could cause them harm.

There are numerous benefits of using an antibacterial spray for dogs. Besides keeping them free from bacteria, especially if your dog is prone to skin infections, the spray also prevents the spread of disease. The spray on dogs is important for young children at home, as they are susceptible to infections.

Additionally, using an antibacterial spray for dogs can help to reduce bad odors. If your dog’s coat smells bad, it may be due to the build-up of bacteria. Antibacterial spray can help to break down this bacteria, leaving your dog with a fresher smelling coat.

Let’s explore some of the best antibacterial sprays for dogs, so you can keep your furry friend healthy and happy!

6 Top Picks Antibacterial Spray for Dogs

#Antibacterial Dog sprayBest for
1.Mr. Groom Magik Antibacterial Spray for Dogs First aid
2.Forticept Spray for DogsSkin and wound treatment
3.Veterinary Formula Antibacterial Dog spraySkin itchiness
4.Vetericyn Antimicrobial Spray for DogsPost-Surgery Incisions
5.Vetnique Antibacterial Spray for dogsSensitive skin
6.Vet’s Best Allergy Relief Spray for DogsAllergy relief

1. Best for First aid: Mr. Groom Magik Antibacterial Spray for Dogs 

Magik spray is formulated with sterile water, citrus pulp, citric acid, and glyceryl stearate. The ingredients are all-natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


The anti-pathogenic formula can be used as a fungicide, anti-parasitic, bactericide, and antiviral spray. You can use it on your dog as first aid treatment for abrasions, cuts, or skin infections. You can also spray it on plants and food bowls to prevent infections.

The spray formula helps to prevent hot spots, salmonella, E-coli, and histoplasmosis. You can spray on your dog’s beddings and on patches of their skin to prevent skin infections from scratching. Additionally, you can use Magik’s antibacterial spray on multiple animals.

2. Best for Skin and Wound Treatment: Forticept Spray for Dogs

Worried about getting the right product to heal your dog’s wound without irritating, burning, or stinging? Forticept antimicrobial spray provides quick healing against fungi and bacteria on your furry friend’s skin.

The formula is a pH-balanced, alcohol-free and non-toxic solution that helps your dog’s wound recovery. It has antiseptic properties to disinfect and remove dirt from the skin. The PH balance helps to create an optimal environment for wound and skin healing.

The spray, formulated with Benzalkonium chloride as the only active ingredient, is easy to apply to the affected area without the need to wipe off or wash. The ten-ounce product contains chamomile and yarrow extracts.

Forticept spray is safe for use on all breeds of animals.

3. Best for Skin Itch and redness: Veterinary Formula Antibacterial Dog spray

Does your furry friend suffer from redness and itching? Veterinary formula’s paraben-free antibacterial spray soothes and moisturizes itchy and irritated skin within a few days of use.

The spray, made with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, deodorizes and relieves bacterial and fungal skin infections like pyoderma and dermatitis so fast. It heals skin infections that result from scratching, grooming trauma, skin folds or short coats, hormonal imbalances, and weak immune system.

The spray contains aloe vera, which is good for the speedy recovery of your dog’s affected skin.

It’s easy to use, as you only need to spray it onto your dog’s affected skin twice a day for a week or two.  

You can use the spray on your cat too!

4. Best for Post-Surgery Incisions: Vetericyn Antimicrobial Spray for Dogs

If your dog has had surgery and you’re looking for an antibacterial spray to help clean and heal the wounds, Vetericyn spray would offer you that and so much more. 

The antibacterial spray for dogs is non-toxic and is vet recommended since it does not affect your dog if licked or ingested. It helps quick healing cuts, abrasions, and wounds without using steroids or antibiotics.

The ingredients in the spray are hypochlorous acid, sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, phosphates, and electrolyzed water. It moisturizes cuts, sores, abrasions, and irritations, so your dog is relieved of pain.

You can use it for first aid treatment as well. It’s good on all skin types for all animals in your home.

5. Best for Sensitive skin: Vetnique Antibacterial Spray for dogs

Made with ketoconazole and chlorhexidine gluconate, Vetnique antibacterial spray for dogs is good for fungal and bacterial infection treatment and prevention.

The topical antiseptic is good for your dog and other pets with sensitive skin. Vetnique spray is made free of chemicals and artificial scents to rid irritation of the affected skin areas. Your dog’s skin can heal quickly without scratching due to itches.

Made in the USA, the spray is easy to use on your dog’s skin. Apply it once a day on the dry skin of the affected area and massage until it’s fully absorbed. Apply on legs, face, and tail for preventive purposes.

6. Best for Allergy Relief: Vet’s Best Allergy Relief Spray for Dogs

Vet’s spray is made with a mixture of natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, neem oil, chamomile, and oatmeal. It serves to soothe, moisturize and relieve your pal’s allergic reactions and irritations.

The vet-approved allergy relief spray is alcohol-free and non-stinging. It relieves your dog’s allergy pain from flea bites, pollen, and other causes. It’s fast acting to relieve your pal from pain.

You can apply on the spot of your dog’s affected skin or make a full-coat application. If your dog suffers from flea bite allergies, you can spray their whole body daily.

Wrap Up

There are a lot of different antibacterial sprays for dogs on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Our top picks of the best antibacterial spray for dogs are suitable for your dog’s fur, skin, and nails to help kill bacteria that can cause infections. 

Always consult your veterinarian before using any type of product on your dog, even if it is antibacterial. A vet would be able to tell you if a certain product is right for your dog’s unique needs.

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We all love our wrinkled bundle of joy! So I decided to share everything that I know about Shar Pei from what I’ve researched before we got Ronnie (our dog) and from our experience with her for the past couple of years.

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