How To Stop Shar Pei Puppy From Biting?

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Understanding the Shar Pei Breed’s Natural Instincts and Behavior

Understanding the natural instincts and behavior of the Shar Pei breed can be beneficial in managing biting habits. Shar Peis are known for their strong-willed, independent, and somewhat aloof nature.

They were originally bred in China for guarding, hunting, and herding, which means they have strong protective instincts. This can sometimes manifest in aggression if not managed correctly. Shar Peis are also intelligent and can be stubborn, so consistent, firm, but gentle training methods are typically most effective.

Having knowledge of their natural instincts can help you anticipate certain behaviors, like biting, and take appropriate preventive measures.

The Importance of Socializing Your Shar Pei Puppy

Socialization is crucial for any puppy, but especially so for breeds like the Shar Pei. Because of their protective instincts, Shar Peis can be wary or suspicious of strangers, which can lead to aggressive behavior if not addressed. Start socializing your Shar Pei puppy as early as possible.

Expose them to a variety of people, places, and situations. This will help them understand that not all unfamiliar things are threats, reducing the likelihood of fear-based aggression and biting.

Teething: A Major Reason for Biting in Shar Pei Puppies

Teething is a natural process that all puppies go through, and it’s often a major reason behind biting behavior. During this phase, your Shar Pei puppy’s gums may be sore, and they may chew on things, including your hands or clothes, to alleviate the discomfort.

Providing chew toys can help, and be patient – this phase will pass. If you find that the biting continues after teething is complete, consider seeking professional advice.

Dealing with Aggressive Biting in Shar Pei Puppies

Aggressive biting can be a serious issue, and it’s important to address it as soon as it appears. If your Shar Pei puppy is showing signs of aggression – like growling, showing teeth, or biting hard – it’s time to consult a professional.

This behavior can be the result of various factors, such as fear, territoriality, or dominance. A professional trainer or behaviorist can identify the root cause of the aggression and guide you in managing it effectively.

Practical Steps to Discourage Biting in Your Shar Pei Puppy

There are several practical steps you can take to discourage biting. The first is redirection – when your puppy begins to bite, redirect them to a chew toy. You can also use positive reinforcement – praise your puppy when they choose the toy over your hand.

Another effective technique is yelping or using a high-pitched “Ouch!” when your puppy bites too hard. This can startle them and give them a signal that their bite was too strong. Consistency is crucial in all these methods, as inconsistent reactions can confuse your puppy and slow their learning.

The Role of Obedience Training in Preventing Biting Behavior

Obedience training plays a crucial role in preventing biting behavior. Not only does it instill good manners in your puppy, but it also helps to establish a clear communication line between you and your puppy.

This makes it easier to correct unwanted behaviors like biting. Moreover, obedience training also mentally stimulates your puppy, which can help to expend some of their energy and make them less likely to engage in destructive behavior.

The Role of Diet and Exercise in Controlling Your Shar Pei’s Energy Levels

A well-balanced diet and regular exercise can significantly contribute to controlling your Shar Pei’s energy levels and reducing unwanted behaviors like biting. A diet that is appropriate for your puppy’s age, breed, and size will provide them with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Regular exercise, meanwhile, helps to burnoff excess energy and keep your puppy physically fit. It’s worth noting that a bored or over-energetic Shar Pei puppy is more likely to engage in destructive behaviors, including biting. Therefore, daily walks, play sessions, and mental stimulation games should be part of your Shar Pei’s routine.

Toys and Activities: Aiding in Redirecting Your Shar Pei’s Biting Habit

Offering a variety of toys and engaging in stimulating activities can be a huge help in redirecting your Shar Pei’s biting habits. Toys that are specifically designed for teething can provide relief to sore gums and also serve as an appropriate outlet for your puppy’s natural desire to chew.

Interactive toys can help keep your puppy entertained and mentally stimulated. Regular play sessions, training exercises, and even puzzle games can also serve as beneficial activities, as they help to build a bond between you and your Shar Pei and teach them to focus their energy on more constructive behaviors.

When to Consult a Professional: Dealing with Persistent Biting in Shar Peis

If your Shar Pei continues to display persistent biting behavior despite your best efforts, it’s time to consult a professional. A professional dog trainer or animal behaviorist can assess your puppy’s behavior and provide personalized advice based on their observations.

They might suggest behavior modification techniques or even recommend certain products that can help deter biting. In some cases, persistent biting might be due to an underlying health issue, such as dental problems or allergies, in which case a visit to the vet would be necessary.

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Early Measures to Stop Biting in Shar Pei Puppies

Preventing biting behavior in Shar Pei puppies is easier than trying to stop it once it has become a habit. Early socialization, consistent training, and providing appropriate chew toys from a young age can all help to prevent biting.

It’s also essential to establish clear boundaries and rules about acceptable behavior, and ensure all family members stick to them. Responding immediately to any signs of biting or aggressive behavior, and seeking professional advice if needed, can stop the problem from escalating and ensure your Shar Pei grows into a well-behaved, sociable adult dog.

So How To Stop Shar Pei Puppy From Biting?

When you first get your Shar Pei puppy, it will be full of energy and want to play all the time. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to biting, especially if they’re not used to being around people. 

The good news is that you can do a few things to stop your Shar Pei puppy from biting. Here are a few tips:

1. Redirect their energy. One way to stop your puppy from biting is redirecting its energy to something else.

For example, if they start nibbling on your hand, give them a toy to chew on instead. This will help them learn that biting isn’t acceptable behavior.

2. Use positive reinforcement. When your puppy doesn’t bite, give them plenty of praise and affection. This will help them learn that good behavior is rewarded.

3. Be consistent. It’s important to be consistent with your rules about biting. For instance, if you allow your puppy to nibble on you sometimes, they’ll get confused about what is and isn’t acceptable.

So, make sure everyone in the family is on the same page about biting, no exceptions! 

4. Be patient. Remember that your puppy is still learning how to behave around people. They’re not doing it on purpose – they just need some time (and patience!) to learn what’s expected of them.

With a little time and patience, you can stop your Shar Pei puppy from biting for good!

At What Age Do Shar Pei Puppies Stop Biting?

Most Shar Pei puppies will outgrow the biting phase by the time they’re 6-9 months old.

However, some may continue to nip or occasionally nibble, especially when they’re excited or playing. If your puppy is still biting after 9 months, try to talk to a veterinarian for advice on how to stop it.

Why Do Shar Pei Puppies Bite?

There are a few reasons why Shar Pei puppies might bite. For one, they’re teething, and their gums are sore.

Chewing on things helps alleviate the discomfort. Additionally, puppies are full of energy; sometimes, they just don’t know how to express it constructively.

Ultimately, some puppies simply have yet to learn that biting is not an acceptable behavior yet.

How Do I Stop My Shar Pei From Jumping and Biting When Excited?

Many people new to owning a Shar Pei may wonder how to stop their puppy from biting and jumping when excited.

While it is normal for puppies to bite and jump on their owners playfully, this behavior can become problematic as your Shar Pei grows older.

If you are looking for ways to stop your pup from biting and jumping, you can do a few things.

One of the best ways to stop your Shar Pei from biting and jumping is to provide them with plenty of exercises.

A tired dog is less likely to want to bite or jump than one with lots of energy. So make sure you take your Shar Pei on long walks or runs every day, and provide them with plenty of toys to keep them occupied.

How To Identify The Reason for me puppy`s Aggressiveness

If your Shar Pei is already displaying aggression, you may need to consult a professional trainer or behaviorist.

Aggressive behavior in Shar Peis can be caused by several factors, including lack of socialization, anxiety, or even genetics.

A professional can help you identify the root cause of your dog’s aggression and develop a plan to address it.

Medication may sometimes be necessary to help your Shar Pei cope with their aggression.

If your dog has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, several medications can help reduce its symptoms.

If your Shar Pei has a history of biting or aggression, they may also be prescribed anti-anxiety medication to help them cope with their trigger.

If you struggle to stop your Shar Pei from biting and jumping, consider enrolling them in an obedience training class.

Obedience training can help your dog better control their impulses and behavior around people and other dogs. This training can be especially beneficial for dogs suffering from anxiety or aggression.

Whatever method you choose to stop your Shar Pei from biting and jumping, it is important to remain consistent with your approach.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and if you start using a new method of discipline one day and then go back to old habits the next, your dog will quickly become confused.

What is the best way to stop a Shar Pei puppy from biting?

The best way to stop a Shar Pei puppy from biting is to provide them with plenty of exercises. In addition, you can try teaching your Shar Pei puppy bite inhibition by yelping when they bite you too hard.

This will help teach them that biting is not an acceptable behavior. 

Finally, some puppies simply have yet to learn that biting is not an acceptable behavior yet. If this is the case, patience and consistency are key.

Keep up with your positive reinforcement training; eventually, your Shar Pei puppy will learn that biting is not an appropriate play.

How can I stop my Shar Pei from biting my clothes?

You can do a few things to stop your Shar Pei from biting your clothes. One of the best ways to prevent any kind of unwanted chewing is to provide your dog with plenty of chew toys.

This will help redirect their chewing behavior away from your clothes. You can also try spraying your clothes with a bitter apple spray, which will deter your dog from chewing on them.

Finally, suppose your Shar Pei is biting your clothes out of excitement or anxiety. In that case, you should consult with a professional trainer or behaviorist to help address the root of the problem.

Understanding and Responding to Your Shar Pei’s Body Language

Understanding and effectively responding to your Shar Pei’s body language is a critical aspect of curbing biting and managing other behavioral issues. Dogs communicate largely through physical cues, and learning to interpret these can provide insight into your pet’s emotions and intentions.

For instance, a Shar Pei may display signs of unease or fear, such as pinned back ears, avoidance of eye contact, or a tucked tail, before resorting to biting as a defensive behavior. Similarly, over-excitement can be signaled by excessively wagging tails, jumping, or playful growling, which can sometimes lead to playful but undesirable biting.

By paying close attention to your Shar Pei’s body language, you can better anticipate and appropriately react to their behavior, intervening to calm them down or redirect their attention before biting occurs. It’s also important to remember that your dog can read your body language as well, so maintaining a calm, confident demeanor can help prevent anxiety or fear-based reactions in your pet.

In essence, fostering a strong understanding of each other’s non-verbal communication can significantly improve the bond between you and your Shar Pei, promoting a harmonious coexistence.


Curbing biting behavior in Shar Pei puppies requires a blend of patience, understanding, consistency, and timely intervention. Recognizing that biting can be a natural behavior for a young, teething, or energetic puppy is the first step in managing this issue.

From there, positive reinforcement, appropriate redirection of energy, early and thorough socialization, and obedience training can all contribute to the reduction of biting behavior. Always remember that every Shar Pei is unique, and some may take longer to adjust than others.

Persistent biting, particularly when aggressive, should be addressed with professional help to ensure the wellbeing of your puppy and those interacting with them. With the right approach, your Shar Pei puppy can learn to express its energy and excitement in healthier, non-destructive ways, growing into a well-behaved and friendly companion.

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We all love our wrinkled bundle of joy! So I decided to share everything that I know about Shar Pei from what I’ve researched before we got Ronnie (our dog) and from our experience with her for the past couple of years.

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